サイモン・ボニー(中村宰門)は、プロカメラマンとして雑誌、会社案内、建築内装の撮影から、イベント/コンサート、結婚式、家族写真など多岐にわたって経験があり、これまで各分野で高い評価を得てきました。 特にオーストラリアと日本で数多く仕事を行い、英語と日本語にも長けています。



Simon Bonny is experienced working as a photographer and has worked in many different areas including shoots for magazines, corporate clients, public events & concerts, real estate, weddings, family portraits and many more. He has spent many years working in both Australia and Japan, and has good communication skills in both languages.

He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan working as a freelance Photographer.

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